The Pretend Thread


Have you a dog?


I do, but his first-aid skills are rudimentary to say the least.


Time to upgrade him …


Pretend hostels in Malaysia.
No doubt @flattythehurdler was there, but other lads :rollseyes:

If someone said they’d been to the North Pole the two lads would chime in and claim they had breakfast there, not a great breakfast, but the dinner made up for it.
Delusional cunts.


One of the mad cunts would have spent his money for the flight home and tried to tell us he cadged a lift with Santa


Yeah and the other gobshite would tell us that the big friendly Eskimo restaurant owner was thrilled to see him every day.
The Walter Mitty twins.


Where’s this going down??


Prime time investigates.


I know a grand pub near the North Pole, Frosty’s, that’d show the Munster Final. Fine pint of seal blubber there too. The owner (Mr Frosty) always used to have a little smile on his merry face as I walked in the door.


Viewing county Waterford from a west Limerick hillock.


The pretend farmers are off again, I really don’t know why proper farmer @KinvarasPassion puts up with them


I’ll bump it. Someone else pull the trigger.


@Bandage kidding about Kiddage??? Surely he’s not that desperate…




Drug dealers and weapons importers


watching full recorded replays of GGA games that do not involve your own counties involvement seems to be a new one on here lately. I knew everyone on TFK was a complete and utter waster, but this is another level again.


where you seeing this?


football thread and previously the limerick/kilkenny thread


It’s very important to be right on the internet… you have to use every tool available to be proven right.


including making up stories. very important. It’s how @Horsebox became top dog around here.