The Pretend Thread


Honoured to give that its 10th like


Like socialist poster boys Richard Boyd Barrett and Paul Murphy?


A lot of pretend farmers waffling on lately.


Gentleman farmers. All their wives are nurses.


They’ve got their own thread now,


why are you talking to yourself?


Oofft. The forums own Miley Byrne who farms the lush grasslands of Dooradoyle gave it a bullseye. :rofl:
Have you a few hectares in Peckham yourself?


@Ambrose_McNulty was right about the townies going nuts over it :laughing:


The townies and city slickers don’t like it up them at all. If you’re not discussing slow cooked meats and designer clothes, they’ve no interest.
A good day of work in the bog would sort them out @Ambrose_McNulty


Sign me up, pal.

cc @KinvarasPassion


That’s the job.

A day in the bog is savage strength and conditioning training (cc @caoimhaoin). Although it could fuck your back like cross fit or whatever the current craze is


Generally physical work is far better than S&C.

Its micro dosing of strength. The ideal way to do it.


Unrale. Our resident sports conditioning expert has endorsed a bit of farming and bog work for gains. Sign in @Tassotti - a month at home on the farm in Clare will have you in peak condition for your ultra running exploits


gyms are for townies, full of lads who think they are fit and strong, fuckers wouldn’t run a bath and have no stamina


When i was building timber frame in Oz and playing Aussie Rules and doing 2 gym sessions a week (as opposed to 4/5 now) i was an absolute animal.

There is nothing better thsn that work. Not to mention being outside.


those fuckers drinking creatine in a gym wouldnt last 5 minutes as a hod carrier in kilburn


A 7 month old calf got caught in a feeding barrier on Saturday, he couldn’t get through it so I had to push him back the way he came. Ould fella was gone so i had to set upon the task on my own.

I assume a deep squat positon, engaged my core and drove up under his front legs with my right shoulder. I thought he might eat the ear off me Tyson style as i forced him back through the galvanised steel but he played along and give an almighty roar as he fell back in his hind legs upon successful exit. I had to sit down for a few minutes after it.

You’d never get that sort of a work out in a bog standard gym.


Did you throw him in the boot of the car then when you were finished?


You get a better class of calf on the mainland though


Great story pal and glad all lived to tell the tale. Any chance you could move this to the farming thread so we don’t upset the townies any more?