The Pretend Thread


You’ll never believe it. I am too.


Just been for a jog through hyde park. Heading for a bit of lunch now in covent garden


Did you come across anyone sleeping on a park bench ?


I did there was a dishevelled Irish man there as it happens. I stayed and talked for a while but he appeared to me to be away with the faries.


I’ve jist had brunch in Hyde park, off to covent garden now for a jog.



We’ll be landing in a few minutes. Looks like a beautiful morning alright. I’ve got £60 in my back pocket for the Heathrow Express, where we watching the matches?


You should try Scotty’s diner, it’s in the center of Piccadilly Circus. They do a lovely Tapas type brunch.


O’Neills off Leicester Square at the end of China Town. I’ll be in at 3pm for the shouldering competition


Good idea. It was buzzing in Chinatown yesterday for the Chinese New Year


See that tall building there in the middle?My apartment is located on the top floor.


My in laws have a villa in an exclusive part of London, I might drop in later on as well, just off for a feed of jellied eels first.




Indeed, beautiful day here after all


I’m thinking about putting down some pretend grass in my pretend large back garden.


Hope you have a pretend 3k to spend


Pretend mechanics and roadside tyre changers for helpless female motorists over on the cars thread.


The pretend roundabout in NCW.


The square headed roundabout


Don’t scorn us. That could be you someday.

If you ever pass your test …

Too soon buddy ? Can’t help myself.


Pretend quiz champions is tonight’s TFK’s craze.