The Puke has lost it


I got a PM off him today entitled

“keep mouthing”

and it read as follows:

keep making threats fat boy…you will soon take a hopper…a few of your so called comrades on here are only mad for you to be taken down a peg or two…

so much so that one of them even sent me on a few photo’s of you today…for all your talk all you are is a big awkward fat young fella with a gormless head on you…

i now know what you look like and more information will follow as this so called friend says he is sick of your carry on(his words not mine)

Is this chap for real?

Outstanding Meltdowns

[quote=“Flano”]I got a PM off him today entitled

and it read as follows:

Is this chap for real?[/quote]

odd odd behaviour by puke


Puke versus Flano.

On the Calzaghe/Jones Jr undercard?


I think he’s a bit of a sociopath. My goading and baiting has obviously got to this guy in a real way. Can someone remind him that this is an internet forum?


Fight fight fight fight…


[quote=“Bandage”]Puke versus Flano.

On the Calzaghe/Jones Jr undercard?[/quote]

It’d probably be better than a lot of the shite thats been on pay per view boxing undercards lately, who’d command the bigger purse though…


I’m seriously worried lads.


you should be flano…since you put up that pm i might as well spill the beans and fuck the consequences…one of your good buddies and close comrades on this forum and i have exchanged a few e mails in which he has sent me on a few pictures of you in the flesh and also told me a few stories about you and filled me in on what you are like in real life…hoping that i would use this to make an eejit of you on here…

i will not name names as i am not a squeeler…that person will not be named by me but they know who they are…since you put up that pm flano i will presume said person will deny all knowing of this…

by the way before anyone starts calling me a liar and a fantasist i have all the e mails to back it up…


This needs to be settled before it gets out of hand.

I suggest a good old fashioned bare knuckle bout,the two protagonists should nominate seconds and a time and venue can be sorted out.

My moneys on Pukey,he seems to have serious motivation for giving Flango a proper shoeing.


Who could the mysterious emailer be?

Captainshan or Ben Shermin?

My money is on Shermin. Never trusted him.

I suggest that Flano abducts both of them and beats a confession out of them. I’ll help you if you want…


I assume Bandage can tell us?


Seems like puke has got flano running scared here, isnt that what he wanted? Has his ruse not had the desired effect?


No, I can’t tell who the mystery emailer is. But my money’s on Puke as he must be a hardy bastard to play senior hurling in Clare. I’ve met Flano and he’s soft as shit.


Anyone else think that this sounds a little homo-erotic?

I would be worried if I was you flano


[quote=“Fran”]Anyone else think that this sounds a little homo-erotic?

I would be worried if I was you flano[/quote]

thinking the same, who would have and then keep pictures of flano in the flesh?


So, are these naked pictures then? Let’s backtrack a little. Why would Flano agree to pose naked for Shermin and/or Captainshan to begin with?


Gents, a few points.

-Shermin’s the rat, I say. He’s just gotta be.

-Puke must be some crazy fuck if he takes anything Flano says seriously. Nothing worse than a crazy angry hurler who didn’t get his share of leaving cert ass.

-I kind of have a bit of respect for any man who can constantly irritate a shitload of people he doesn’t know and never meets. He’s like the forum’s Paul Ince/Joey Barton.

-How psycho is Shermin to be trying to set up his mate??


This is an internet forum. All manner of shite talk goes on here. I suppose it was inevitable that with an influx of new people that one of them one would be a compete nut job. Also if someone has emailed Puke thats seriously messed up altogether.


Are the pictures tasteful or displaying full frontal nudity though?


Cop on will you.