The refereeing mishaps thread

Another example for the tfk misogyny club.

After that, where do I sign up?

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Are you at least allowed into the changing rooms after? :eyes:

Well able to hold his own in the verbal stakes too.

You’d want your head examined to go anywhere near. People would be at you to get the game started, but I darent even go to the door. I call pathetically from a safe distance.

He’s one of the Lancashire, /yorkshire/ Northumberland /Dublin maors these days.

It’s a different chap Im thinking of so, more midlands based and used to do most hurling games in Warwickshire

No, same fella I’m 100% certain. Shares a name with a lovely broad minded British political “lady”

From Tulla originally.

Sound man off the field

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Clare lad, and agreed. Nice man. Never a bad lad on it either, in truth, though @Declan_Moffat called his refereeing style perfectly. Made me laugh remembering.

Involved with the North West team while also being Vice Chair (I think) in the Midlands and recently drafted in to manage the county footballers. Loves GAA. Think he’s managing his clubs football team also.

Kate Hoey?

You wouldn’t be a million miles away.

Either you’re an awful ref Flatty, or the Manc girls are much rougher than the London ladies. Not a bit of lip being given here.

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I think we all know the answer to that

I’m afraid it’s probably a lot of both

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Great bit of refereeing here. God be with the days.

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The county final was today. They had to delay the start as all the balls were flat.
Wouldn’t happen on my watch.