The Rugby Thread

You don’t replace that sort of rugby intellect easily

The French were poor enough at the start, but their performance against England was stellar, and they played well against a hugely imoroved Wales for the most part.

They have the brains trust of Steve Borthwick and Ellis Genge. When you think they could have had ROG. Fckin idiots across the paddock.
Paul O Connell is the man who really fired Ireland on imho.

They were under pressure for a lot of the first half v wales but the Welsh wasted a few good situations. But that wales fault, they were not good enough in those moments but over the course of the game they still put in 4 tries against france.
France lucky not to see a yellow card in the first have too when the game was very close.
With 10 mins to go one of the Welsh players was fucking a teammate out of it for not starting the game quicker. They fancied themeselves and their fitness the French late on.

I saw the cover of the Indo there and what looks like some rugby trophy being lifted by an Irish team in March. Am I right in assuming it’s a World Cup year again?

The French had a few bad calls against them too. One for a forward pass which was highly dubious and led directly to a Welsh try. There’s no way the French should have had a yellow yesterday. It’s mental. The referees basically make shit up in Union as it goes along. Calling scrum penalties without a clue as to what was going on. Happened to Italy yesterday when he called a scatter of scrum penalties against them on a whim. Offside calls which are highly open to interpretation. Give a couple of dubious ruck penalties which could go either way, a scrum penalty and a dubious offside, and lads are screaming for a yellow card. It’s spoiling the game.
Back in the day, you’d lose a scrum, the other side would get the ball, job done. Now it’s a penalty. Honestly, the loose heads should be allowed put their hand on the ground, and if the ball is coming out, leave it off. If one side rubs backwards, they lost the Scrum, nothing more.
They should stop the clock at every scrum until.the ball is put in as well.
The French were sitting on a comfortable lead. The Welch played very well and got a consolation try.

Why are you portraying the French as some sort of bogeyman to Ireland?

Steve Borthwick looks like somebody who drives a Land Rover, buys the Daily Telegraph and votes for Andrew Bridgen.

He doesn’t look like he buys the telegraph for the crossword

He looks like a fella who buys it for Charles Moore and Simon Heffer and also looks like a fella who thinks Sarah Vine “tells it like it is”.

I’m not even sure Sarah Vine writes for the Daily Telegraph but I just wanted to log that she makes my skin feel like it has creepy crawlies all over it. She makes me shudder like Sideshow Bob.

Sarah Vile

Nobody got within 10 points of us in a game during this championship which is very unusual. Andy Farrell has done a very impressive job. Hopefully he can go on and break the quarter-final hoodoo at the World Cup to make this an extremely memorable year for Irish rugby and sport in general.

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We seem to be unreal to get scoreboard separation under Faz.


Steve Borthwick is from Cumbria. Not a hotbed of Telegraph readership.

It’s a pretty conservative neck of the woods up there. Cumbria has six MPs, five are Tory, the other being conservative Christian Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats.

Big Ando has the boyos humming Pedders mate

Big difference too seems to the the low key nature of the Irish celebrations, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone trying to piss on a fellas head yet.

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Any sign of them in Cassidy’s last night?

I am properly concerned Ireland might win the rugby world cup. That’s how impressed I’ve been by them

My mate saw them on the piss in town last night at about 7.30pm. One of them nearly got hit by a bus* such was there inebriated state. Fair play to them.

  • don’t. Just fucking don’t