The Saturday/Sunday Game Thread Part 2. Joanne is on the way lads


Post can’t be empty


I said post cant be empty


What a way to end the last thread… like a big ending to an episode of Eastenders

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Surprise, sur-fuckin-prise they gave it to woman.


Cinneide will have it within 2 years


she is no good. very very poor decision.

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As bad as this is, can’t be any worse than Des getting the gig.


Okay guys. Steady on with the misogyny. Some of you clearly still have turbulent personal journeys to complete in this area.

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That’s a very cheap counter argument. You’re better than that… I think.


Last week on the radio she said some team had scored a draw goal in one of the FA Cup matches and it was now 1-1

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Dara O Cinneide is the person for this job. whether he was interested or not is another matter.

Marie Crowe I would also consider a good candidate


He is a boring dullard

Fuck him


You’ve been on my twitter today


At least Matt Cooper didnt get it.

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Joanne is a good pro, she deserves a shot at this, will probably be an improvement


She’s out of her depth… Brolly will ate her… Will she go all billy big balls like she did to JBM two years ago?


She is being brought in to take the personality out of it. She doesn’t have one herself and brolly for eg. will be forced to tone it down in front of the token femmale or he’ll be accused of all sorts and rhen destroyed.
Its going to be very very bland.


It’s bland already.


Do you fancy yourself as a Comedian?