The Saturday/Sunday Game Thread Part 2. Joanne is on the way lads

Marie is a lady, behave

Not in doubt, but not SG material.

And Des Cahill is?

Fuck sake, she’s replacing Lyster who seemed like a nice man but was no heavyweight, she’ll be grand, she’s good at what she does

Des is the equivalent of a fart which follows through.

I disagree. She’s stone useless/

Marie crowe may be a capable writer but by jesus she is an awful broadcaster. If she were male she wouldn’t be let report on a junior b hurling final for local radio.

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Dara O Cinneide was the ideal choice. He has good media experience & the fact he played the game at the highest level was also a no brainer.
Imagine a lead presenter who could read the game & ask proper questions of his panelist.
Ryle Nugent is the biggest cunt going without doubt.

Joanne is alright but this is obviously a choice to match the Sky regime of tits & ass up front & Centre.

Didn’t exactly work for Spillane

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Different animal, DOC proven front man.

What are Kennedy’s presenting credentials? That really boring axed TG4 show which featured Seán White Walsh and Diarmuid Lyng talking scutter and some local radio stuff? He’s not in Joanne’s league - she’s the best and obvious choice.


I’d say she’ll be fine. She’ll have no problem asking the searching questions unlike the plamasers who’ve done it up to now. And I’d say she’s a smart enough character.


They would surely have brought in someone better looking if that was the case.

I never had you down as one of the TFK Misogynist set

Joanne will do fine, but except complete over re-action as to how competent she does the role


I’m saying if RTE wanted a bimbo presenting their coverage they wouldn’t have gone for Cantwell.

A good presenter / anchor person should blend into the background and be completely unmemorable. It’s why Spillane was awful. It’s the panellists opinion people want to hear. Joanne will have a script which she’ll follow, and timings, which she’ll follow. She’ll say very little and let others talk.

She got it because she’s a woman end fucking of

hey Seo Spoirt was the bees knees.Okay Gizzy was all hippy and talked a bit of pony, Sean Ban is Sean Bean but Seo Spoirt had Tomas Se, Ger Loughnane, Donal O’Grady, Dave Henry etc regularly many who are sunday games regulars

anyways whilst Lyster’s race is run and it needed a change our biggest issue is dancing dessie on the evening show. how long more does that run?


I dunno bout that HBV. I attended Limerick GAA supporters club Dublin branch or whatever they call themselves organised hurling championship preview night a few back in a croke park suite. She did a fine good job as chair mc etc with a panel of anto daly, donal dogde o grady, tomas mulcahy, nicky English, Richie power