The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)

That’s the one. Below in Cork…

I always thought it was Galway that was full of Krustys.

*Full of cuntys…


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Roaster College.

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Please take it here.

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Who lost the final of this last year?


It’s time to set the record straight.

I believe the Carlow boys are on the piss all week. One of them bought a new tractor and its been a cause for celebration for days down there.

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Any updates on this? I’m dying to hear how College got on?

Really, I can’t wait.

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@downyourthroats mate, I’m waiting, please?

Bumped for @downyourthroats

Can someone text @downyourthroats for me?

No reception below in Waterford I’d say…I look forward to his full match report.

@downyourthroats log in pal.

college won pal. I know there were 2 colleges there, but I’m sure one of them won.

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I’m sure Cadogan cleaned up for College. Any information on how he went @downyourthroats

plenty of laois lads on that Carlow team MBB. good sign.

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We’ll be right come February.:ronnyroar:

All after coming through Critchleys Setanta program. Pat has stepped down from the Minor hurlers this year and is moving back down to the Setanta to bring up another few groups. This is partly they want to try get s bit more funding to drive it on again. Laois GAA hasn’t a pot to piss in and there’s not many benefactors to go to either sadly.

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