The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


The flag is nearly bigger than himself, God love him.

Richie English got a right flake of the ball there.


I was thinking it but didn’t want to say anything,some head!


Clear peno.


Keeper didn’t budge.


2-20 to 0-15. Penalty won and converted by Gillane.


Galvin has given away loads of frees


Lovely score.

Lynch has had a fine second half.


Cian Lynch is a maverick


Lynch has been excellent today,dropping back winning dirty ball,drawing in players and then finding a free man downfield with a simple pass.Hopefully he can drive on again come June.


There’s some talent coming through in Limerick hurling.


Fuck up.


2-22 to 1-16. '55.


Maher got the consolation goal, right? Think the commentators were crediting it to someone else but I couldn’t quite make out their strange Gaelic language.


Dunford has had a good second half


Oh fuck it would be typical there of Lynch to get a horrible injury,thankfully he’s ok.


Strange looking umpire


There won’t be a cow milked etc etc

So long as they don’t shit in my garden the filthy cunts.


We’re not allowed mention it.


Gillane with another good game…


@ChocolateMice has taught a number of Mary I lads playing, including the third goal scorer.