The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Peter’s by a point, congrats lads



Always believed.


Unreal. Unbelievable.

Croker on Saturday week.

Rory O’Connor’s second half goal was phenomenal.


I love my secondary school.




I’m liking that AND replying to it.


Hon the Sem


Hopefully I’ll be featured doing the Viking Clap on Jerome’s footage later on.


As usual ulster football gets over rated based on its playing of itself.

St. Brendans very strong favouites to win this out since last year even. Barring a host of injuries they were always going to have one of the strongest units they ever had (according to themselves). Considering their hostory that was going to be pretty strong in any context.

That said it would be nice to see the fucker taken down a notch.

The influence of Pat O’Shea on Kerry football going forward is something that seems to be amazingly forgotten, undervalued and not talked about.

Jack O’ Connor and Fitzmaurice had a big influence and will get alot of the plaudits, but the work POS did for the Killarney hinterland and now for the entire county is unbelievable.

They have a scary machine going.


The hunt for tickets begins. The first of a number of trips to HQ for the season.


fair play to them. I’d like to think an All Ireland final appearance (and hopefully a win) would be a nice boost for Wexford football, but sure we all know it will matter fuck all in the scheme of things. Good for the players and the school though. The Martins lads seem to be the driving force on this team too.


Be interesting to see how many players they lost from the MacRory cup competition into the Hogan cup competition proper


Seem to have a load of lads that are over minor but eligible. Also seems that Rory O’Connor is the main man and we all know how much football he’ll be playing from this summer on.

I’d imagine he’ll be in with Davy as soon as the leaving is over or before.


yeah but even being overage for minor wouldnt be a massive drawback, having lads U19 being in an AI final for most counties would be seen as a good progression. I dont think there will be any impact at all on Wexford football from a good run by the Peters in this.


Why would they lose players?


Well done on knowing Brendans’ nickname.


Ulster play at a different age restriction than the other 3 provinces.


I believe the U17 league started up in Ulster in the meantime. County first. Dont you follow the Sigerson.


18 1/2 across the board i thought?

At start of school year


That would have no imoact on those schools. Football there is like tugby in Pres and Blackrock et al. Nothing gets in the way.