The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


there was a fair bit of hyperbole involved here mate.


Kingstons tactics spot on so far.

College up one at the break


Darragh Fitzgibbon came on for UCC just before HT.


Tommy Walsh giving us some great anecdotes about days down in the Dyke.


Live feed on electric ireland youtube channel


Derek McGrath is a very good analyist


2.2K of us watching. Box Office.


Darragh Fitzgibbon is all glory or nothing …


Awful scrappy game


UCC living dangerously here.


It is,was referring to school boy football not adult,don’t give a fig about adult bar CCFC


Fucked away a few chances to win this and DCU level it up.


That UCC team should be running away with this… serious panel.


Fucked it away.

Coleman and Fitzgibbon need to step up now


What I said was a slagging- if you read my full post,I came back a few times and admitted this to Esteban, FFS,FYI I did attend college (jacked it) environmental science,also have a supervisory management thingy done( didn’t do me much good) also coaching badge ( hurling) which enabled me to work full-time in various schools both secondary and primary in Derry city and county ( cross border initiave lasted a few years until the cross border grant ran out


Cheers for that input Rose


Yes you’re right ref dumb to refer to uni Limerick as not a real college etc,but honestly couldn’t resist it,got the reaction I wanted,then we went at it- but FFS was a slagging, albeit not a very mature one on my behalf-


Never mind him. Hes giving out to kids all day and can’t help being condescending every once in a while


I meant no offense as regards your education, it’s tiresome enough at the best of times but using Universities in a cock measuring contest is just ridiculous,


Scandalous free given there and it was wide…