The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


You’re an awful bollox all the same


Typical Cork cunt … roaring and shouting about diving and cheating in soccer last week … but delighted his boys got through by throwing themselves on the ground tonight … typical Cork hypocrisy.


Superior in every way.

Even in not giving a shit


Derek McGrath has lost about 5 stone


When are the I the I the Mary I playing?


I could not give one fuck about College hurling mate, it passeda bit of time for me, don’t expect me to give it the big un

I hope Mary I win though, they’re my neighbour hood team


He looks much healthier.


Thursday. That wad the final there tonight I’d say


UCC all the way now though, didn’t play particularly well but took their chances- hardly be stopped now?


Operation transformation?




Say you’re right


No - that was the big test tonight. Neither Galway or Mary I will have enough for them.


You are very apathetic in most threads these days. But not apathetic enough not to post about it. Give the condescension a rest for a while


Stay out of the thread so like a good boy


Never know though, thought DCU had it in the bag, bloody cruel sport


Never a penalty.


Need to see it closer- couldn’t see - watching it on the phone


Derek close to tears. A true collegian


:smile: listen to this fella