The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Delighted for die hards such as yourself. Enjoy the celebrations


You could watch it on a fucking IMAX and it still won’t be a penalty


Still didn’t see it FFS,but sure every team gets a rub of the green at times


Thanks mate. It’s been a long time coming but great to see the Fitz coming home


No so fast mate … My old alma mater, Mary I, are still there…


They have little glory to cling to so let them off… I don’t think any other county in the country that keeps some sort of emotional attachment to a third level college like the Cark weirdos cling to UCC


FFS dry your eyes- you’d be the same ref Limerick or wherever your loyalty lies- cop on- either side could have won it just so happens UCC got it this time,and like it or not any victory in Cork hurling is welcome,and needed


Also Limerick were worthy winners of Liam-last year- long ways to doing it again this year,so calm the cockiness kid


The Limerick lads are very intimidated by proper colleges. Hopefully we do the business against the soft teachers tomorrow


Ya the Tipp colleges have a proud tradition in fairness.


That would be a fair achievement considering that match is on Thursday.


Strange and irrelevant comment


2 Limerick colleges administrate the only 3rd level institutions in Chipp :grinning:


A poor boast :sunglasses:


He doesnt have the second dinner after training anymore.


Always nice to see the Echo’s insight into a big College win.


Don’t mind if they win it. Kilmallock’s Paddy O’Loughlin is on the team.


Fuck him.


O’Loughlin was a colossus last night carrying on a great College/Balbec tradition from his older brother as well as Graeme Mulcahy.


Free-scoring start in Ennis
NUIG 0-4
Mary I 0-3

7 gone