The Serbs

What is your view of them lads?

I think they’re great, brilliant story today about Kolarov getting into a lenghtly exchange with a supporter who had an Albanian fan - that’s some top class national pride from Kolarov.

I think they’re a tough breed

I live with one. Spent a year in the war before realising it was an awful thing. Not fond of Croats or Bosnians all the same.

A great bunch of lads. Very passionate, but not in a gay way.

great lads

were very good to us when we bet partizan

Do it for your country, Nole.

The Serbs are in the Ra.


That twitter thread gave me this, the finest piece I have seen on the internet in quite some time



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Such flattery, do we deserve it? It gave me the goosebumps listening to that.

The Serbs are fantastic.

I have spoken to Serbian people abroad many times. They’ve been painted into a box as a result of elites and their activities whom they have no control of. They’re fine decent people just like all of their neighbours in that Balkan region.


This has made my day. Never heard of these guys to my shame and never knew there was such a major scene in that part of the world. It’s moments like this that make me very proud of my One 12th Balkan heritage


First time I heard of them- hooked, Spotify set up,our own gang hardly plays any rebel anymore,their foggy few version is :+1::+1:,great link boy- thank you


Belgrade for St Patricks Day could be a good trip

A filthy breed of people, scum.

Thrawneen was going out with a serb at one stage I recall.

Not as bad as the Croats, sneaky ignorant bastards them Croats. Give me a Serb any day over a Croat

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I used to work with a Serbian lass. She was bang on. Used to be the interpreter for the Chinese football team. She does say all Serbs are mad as fuck.