The Shame I feel about Dublin as my capital

I wouldn’t want to be in a hurry to use the Brown Thomas jacks if this sort of craic was going on

Thats exactly what i thought. Either Mel or Kim had a tremendous chest that kept me awake at night in my teenage years.

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Poor Mel died very young. 23 I think.

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Yeah, i remember that now that you mention it.

Shouty bits sound exactly the same as this bloke. I’m not the target market so don’t get this singy, shouty, kind of rap the verses stuff.
Lewis Capaldi - Forget Me (Official Video) - YouTube

Conducted brief research into this claim. Can confirm its validity.

It was Mel, let there be no remaining confusion.

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Its a bit harsh going full Israeli on them. :slight_smile:

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Is he a mate of yours?

You’re a bad man but I suppose we have to have dreams……
That scenario is akin to one of my ambitious €3 accumulators coming up.


Why is he singing in a lahndan cockney-west Indian patois accent?
All his songs seem to be reworkings of the the pachelbel canon. Lots of modern songs are though.

Most famously this one is too

The list is endless tbh
Whiter shade of pale I’d have thought the most obvious

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The shame is right. Broke poor aul Shaun.