The Shame I feel about Dublin as my capital

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07 Merc. Definitely a boozed up alickadoo

He’ll do well to get up and down in two from there.


Cunt better have raked the bunker after

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Mustn’t be much of a golfer if he didn’t know to avoid the bunkers when driving

Cc @estebandaface


A new meaning to the hazard lights

Some drive to find that bunker.

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A member I spoke to feels it’s most likely another member (I was going for joyriding)

Could have been a member teaching their son or daughter to drive. The bunker was the emergency second choice venue after they found cars can’t drive down Dollymount Strand any more.

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Comments underneath saying was it was some poor auld fella with dementia.

Defo not joyriders. Theyd have wrecked at least one green doing donuts.

Golf set circling the mercs?

They must have heard Glen aren’t getting a replay.