The Shame I feel about Dublin as my capital


You might point us in the direction of some stats there to back your claims that Limerick is gangland central compared to Dublin?
I’d hazard a guess at their being more scumbags in Dublin that Limerick too.
You need to stop reading the Sunday World.

The only women living in Phoenix Park were the McAleeses

Who mentioned anything about where they lived?

Vincent Brown (A limerick Man) shed more light on the shit hole that is our capital city people from the travelling community would never be treated as badly in Limerick or Galway as they have been in Dublin

The dublin based media paints Limerick in a bad light if you were to read a proper newspaper like the examiner you would understand

That Dublin media, jaysus they are an awful lot.

Shit and turf eating boggers try to paint Ireland’s eastern seaboard urban centres like Wexford and Dublin in a negative light.


the people of wexford are a fine cultured crowd they have an opera house

Everyone in Wexford has their own personal opera house? No wonder they’re so cultured.

your attitude is uncalled for

Fairly sure he was in Fingal and not in Dublin

The poor travelers. They never do anything wrong and they have got such a bad reputation. I have often wondered how they got that reputation? I’m sure baby jesus is crying over the treatment of the poor travelers.

They did have a good football team a few years ago that was competing very succesfully in junior football in Dublin. Not too sure how they are doing these days. Was always a good game against them.

What was the main guys name again, The Major or something like that?

Ah the Major, he was some man. He ran the show. It was funny playing against them and they started fighting with each other. Every name on the team sheet was either Joyce or McDonagh

They’d roll up, he’d stand in the middle, and shout at everyone else to, “scatter out around me”.I heard he got looked at for intercounty in his time.

The Major was a great player, would love to have seen what he was like when he was younger.

How long now have the Dubs been trying to make O’Connell Street into a Parisian boulevard? Maybe they should start by introducing bye-laws to make Joe Walsh Travel paint his premises now and then. Maybe kick Dr Quirkey’s off the street too. Fucking state of the place, I’m delighted I live in the bountiful fields of south Fingal and not Dublin.

Fingal is in dublin

I played against Major Ward when he was in his prime. A fine footballer, he played junior for Dublin. He took all of the place kicks for Avila Gaels. All of them, goal kicks, sidelines, fifties, 21 yard frees and penalties. Major drove the bus as well. Victor Bewley of the famous Quaker coffee family managed the team. Avila Gaels were very far from the worst team you could play against in Dublin at the time. [quote=“tazdedub, post: 632900”]

The Major was a great player, would love to have seen what he was like when he was younger.