The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


a few pretend ira lads invloved


Real hard men in a crowd so they are. Poor Keith minding his own business, he says “howayiz buddies” to the lads and gets pounced on, I hope the lot of them get long jail sentences.


Keith Duffy is a gentleman.



That should be a 1 week ban.
No one should be posting links to that site.


Harbo got the exclusive here I’m afraid.


You wanker.


What horrors await me when I land?


A horrible bating at the hands Of Galway most likely


Hipsters. As far as the eye can see.


Will I see junkies openly shooting up?


If that’s what you’re into you sick fuck. Get off at the spire, turn right onto Henry St, first lane way on the right.


You can see anything you want to, for a price


You sound like a pimp.


How do you know what a pimp sounds like @Fitzy?


From all the hookers I ride obviously Mac.


Trust no one up there


The Swan centre in Rathmines will be a huge dissapointment.


If only there was a square headed hat shop to make up for the disappointment …



12 lads here inspecting a trolley. Great work @Brimmer_Bradley