The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


And you haven’t even left Poland yet


Have you been hospitalized already?


I’m in a very bad way here.


Perk up its not so bad. Pm @Fagan_ODowd and he’ll take on a tour of Dublin gangland shootings. He knows every spot(sure he was there for half of them).




What time are we lunching in the 51 lads?


About 15 minutes after you have left.


Cheap likes​ you cunt


I’ll be jn around half one


He’ll be sweating away in front of the carvery.


I hope you took your brolly, pal. It’s raining now.


It’s stopped again now.


Tis raining in the back and dry in the front now (I’m not in Dublin thank God)


Absolutely lashing rain again now.


Still raining @balbec


I got a bit wet when out and about for my lunch but I bought a new suit so swings and roundabouts for me today.


It’s sunny out there now.


There are a lot of fat women in this country


Tis dry here


Are you around the IFSC?