The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


A guard wouldn’t ask me that.


Ah you managed to tip home to limerick? Fair play.


Do the Polish ones not get fat at home at all? They seem to undergo an extraordinary transformation here when they hit their thirties.


The fat gene isn’t as common as in the Irish. But there will be a few munters whereever you go.


The people here are lovely though


Quite a few of the Polish birds in Ireland tend to take care of themselves very well up to a certain age and leave themselves go badly afterwards.


The day of the club finals I had a pint in the Oarsman Bar and crossed in East Link on way to Croker . I counted 15 tall cranes on the south quay environs from east link to Ulster Bank Hq .


Some do but by god most make a hell of an effort . The polish women as a whole aren’t as naturally beautiful as Czech , Magyar , Croats etc but by god they make an effort .


Or the Ukranians.


God yes .


Hungarian women are the most beautiful women on the planet.


They are big into getting a bit of work done.


From what I notice the aul bit of silicon can be implanted .


Cool story bro


Have you ever been to Belmullet?


what kind of oddball counts cranes :grin:


A slack jawed roaster with baling twine holding his slurry stained trousers up


this oddball . I have an interest in construction matters . That said it takes a much bigger oddball , nay a social inadequate , to stalk the Internet asking people why they count cranes .


I can confirm you are the bigger oddball


Sounds like that fictional character that @Nembo_Kid created. I believe he was called MacRoaster.