The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


You must have the best view of the Dublin bus depot in town mate.




Just done the Jameson tour. Very good. Far better than the overrated Store house.




That’s some @Ashman porn.


I know a few simpletons at home who love counting cranes when they go up to Dublin for a match, wide buck toothed mouth agape with amazement


Can’t wait to hit the upper Hogan during the summer to see this heart lifting sight in full panoramic view .

Cheers for the head up .


Is there a better class of Crane counter on the mainland ?


I’m a plane man meself, I do be gawpin up at them. Miss most of the match there do be so many of them.


A 3 year old kid has been stabbed to death in Crumlin. A woman in her 40s is in a serious condition after being stabbed in the same incident.

Fuck sake.


Fuck sakes


Probably @ironmoth flying into a rage over losing at the INTERNET.




Fuck sake sid. Put it away for the night.


You’d want to be in a savage state of mind to stab a child. Domestic I presume?


Shur didn’t it happen over on the mainland the other day. You get some sick bastards out there


Yep. A 5 year old lost his shoe and his step dad beat him to death. Capital punishment would deter these cunts.


I wouldn’t even do them the service of killing the cunts straight off. Slow and torturous.


Being reported as a “tragic incident” is that cuntishness media talk for the mother tried to top herself and decided to take the kid with her?


Victory to the crane drivers !!