The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Any of those food markets running along the D2/D4 border today ?


Thursday is the Mespil Road day.


Merrion Square has one today I believe


I saw a lot of tents being set up in the park there earlier. Mespil Road will be handier.


Mespil Road closed down as far as I know


Is that not the Friday one by Mount Street bridge?


Get your stories straight asap guys


Cant say for today, but the Mespil Food Market was there as of last week. Go for it bro.


Thought only roasters would be up for that.


Nah man.


Mespil road is where it’s at.
It’s fucking highway robbery though. Cunts queuing up to hand over a tenner for a chicken wrap and drink.


Head to the German fella in the Bratwurst tent bro, he won’t see you wrong.


That fucking “fajita” went through me quicker than a Kildare man through the Laois defence


Fajita :smile:


Nobody selling lobster rolls or chips with cheese and gravy?


Wouldnt be as many mugs around D2 obviously



That’s embarrassing


“Controversial” click bait


The article might have some semblance of logic if she was living in a rural community somewhere or something but she’s living in fucking Kildare :joy: