The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Is the journalist not a he?


It’s hilarious, there’s 3 or 4 proper laugh out load moments in there.

It’s a he isn’t it btw, byline is by Ed Power.


What’s the deal with wanting skyscrapers?


“Dubliners are bad because they like normal sports”


That’s lousy on Dublin. He was clearly mixing in the wrong circles.


Hanging out with mulchies I’d say.


So we don’t have to suffer cunts moaning that the can’t afford a house or are living in a hotel ?



A bit of craic to be had on the Red Luas line earlier.

I was minding my business as the tram was about to move away from Smithfield when I felt a sharp jolt. I looked around and it turned out that one of the city’s finest characters had pulled the emergency brake as two of his friends didn’t make the Luas before the doors shut. Following a moment of about 30 seconds the tram shuffled forward when the guy does the same thing again and many people, including some old people standing up, went flying. This time one of the individuals outside went running up towards the driver’s window and beckoned him to open the doors and let them on!

I am not sure what reaction the driver gave but the tone changed and the individuals sensed that they were in trouble. Now the tram was stuck in some sort of non moving mode which required driver intervention at the actual door which he eventually did. Not before the doors were opened and the two individuals inside made their escape.

Great entertainment.


How’s your back after those two sudden jerks?


Grand mate thanks.


The merest sniff of a compensation claim had @ChocolateMice running.


I’m not capable of running currently.


Go to Myshall so. Lads here telling you how good he is but you’ve chosen to believe @myboyblue whose problems probably stem from a chronic lack of vitamin D. Or love.


Deny it all you like bro, but I know you love me.


It’s love /hate fella. Sometimes funny and sometimes you’re a cunt. I’d say 30/70 at the moment.


You must be missing my zingers, I’ll tag you in all posts going forward

cc @Juhniallio


Dublin City isn’t very advanced. You can barely get 4g anywhere. I noticed only about 1 in 20 bustops have real time updates. I always think to myself getting off the plane that it is like stepping back 30 years in time


Must have been nice for you to get some proper internet speed mate

Average UK broadband speed slower than most of Europe, report finds


To a time when you wouldn’t be raped on a park bench ?