The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Good luck in the marathon tomorrow, pal.


What will you have for the breakfast prior to the race?


A pretend fry ?



Good luck @Tassotti, run well.


Godspeed @Tassotti


Have you got the mass?


I had a chat with a lad in the applegreen at about seven this morning who was on his way to the marathon on, he claimed, three weeks training, so you shouldn’t finish last @tassoti.


Has @Tassotti even done that amount of training? Real training not virtual training.


It’s all relative really, I’m sure that @flattythehurdler’s chap is running the real marathon, the imaginary ones are easier to train for, you don’t even have to get out of bed.


Has @Tassotti finished yet? Real or virtual.


Fucker should be strung up




ah lovely @glasagusban will be seething


@Horsebox can be an awful scut sometimes.


Sadly that’ll most likely be a court case and a dismissal depending on what the cctv picked up


That bus driver should be commended. I laughed out loud at that.


What does the scrote shout at the end after he’s pegged out?


He should be but he won’t, he’s fucked.


Something about his foot i think? Even then his mind was spinning towards anything to continue a lifetime of draining the state. Actually, its not our very own… Couldn’t be, could it