The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country




Bob Geldof called it 40 years ago and the only thanks he got was a Cunt of the Year award


And the Freedom of Dublin.


That’s a tremendous post. I’m laughing all day at it.


Bizarre crash on Wellington Quay today - a BMW rammed a taxi from behind. A Garda car was following immediately behind. Video of the crash happening is in the Irish Times link and the aftermath in the second video. I assume the BMW driver is a “businessman”.


Driver was of Middle Eastern descent according to the article :roll_eyes:


The driver in question, a student from a Dublin-based Middle Eastern family, did not stop until after he hit another car with great force.

Did you read the article you posted @Sidney?


No, mate, it’s behind a paywall, but showed enough to enable you to see the video of the crash happening.

Anyway, it has clearly been updated since last night, because there was no mention on any media outlet covering the story last night that it was a student.


Very disappointing for him, agenda ruined.


Telling that the first thing you’d think of when somebody references a story is that they have an “agenda”, mate, even when you clearly haven’t a clue what that “agenda” you imagine might be.

Your projection always slips out somehow.


@Sidney Where did you see it was a businessman? Was that in the original reports?


It wasn’t.

He had an agenda.

He didn’t bother to read the thing and now is claiming paywall. :joy:


My assumption was that it was likely some drug dealer off his head.


The headline of the article didn’t mention who it was, mate.

It wasn’t reported that it was a student until this morning.

You’re actually trying to claim you know what was previously in an article which was changed overnight.

And you talk about agendas. :smile:

You’re so fucking clueless about everything.


It was panic stations in Sid’s mums basement this morning when he saw the truth.


Oh dear, another self-inflicted INTERNET humiliation for Dimmy. :grin:


When I clicked on your link last night it referenced that it was a young man and I think it said Middle East descent. It may have said student but I can’t remember. It def didn’t suggest businessman at any stage and I wondered whether I just hadn’t twigged what you had been suggesting.


Interesting that there another incident with a UCD student losing it in the James Joyce library.


It referenced him being a student of Middle Eastern descent when I read the article at around 11.15pm last night.


Difficult to see how Sid can come back from this