The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


UCD needs to be banned


But they changed the article!



Under extreme pressure when three gardai sat on him.
Any cunt that uses exam pressure as an excuse should have six months added.


Snowflakes can’t handle exam stress. That’s all I’m hearing from this.


Or bmws


The bigger tragedy is that a student is driving a Beemer


Beamers are easily gotten nowadays


Jesus christ the place is a joke.

Have not been here on a working day tor a long time. Awful feel to the place. What a shower of ignorant wankers have taken over the place


simple country boy out of his depth in the big city



I lived in cities far bigger than Dublin

It’s lost its Dub.


its lost its dub?


If you were from Dublin you’d get it




I’m from Fingal


More shockingly.

I was just shown a video of a certain very well know Dublin Football star who was caught absolutely bagging the Gooch and culchies, after the testimonial.

“Stupid culchies paying 500 a table, gobshites”
“Gooch is the most over rated player in history, bottled it plenty times…”
“Boring ginger gobshite”


Dubs hate culchies, shocking news.




South meath