The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Sure they were fucking stupid to be paying 500 a table. Doesn’t matter if a Dublin footballer says it or culchee themselves. Its the plain simple truth.


I don’t hate culchies. Most Dublin gaa people would have some culchie heritage.




Fair point

But it would be damaging to business were this to be aired


Are his customers culchees or Dubs?




What percentage of dubs are GAA people?


The ones with jobs


He may well alienate the Gooch fanboys but he should be ok with the remaining 4 million odd people so.


He will do well in the North. :grinning:


I couldn’t tell you overall. In places like Glasnevin Na Fianna would have a massive penetration rate. Well over 50% of the kids in the area would play for the club at some stage. Conversely in places like Darndale or Jobstown clubs like O Tooles and Croi Naomh Aoife would be trying hard with little success.



Is that near Foley St do you know?


Absolute scum


It’s Little Britain Street, off Capel Street.


The worst kind. They’ll breed offspring too which doesn’t bear thinking about.


That’s their main source of income


Nothing but feral scum. And like feral animals they should be put down.

These scumbags would make vote to repeal the 8th.




Always wondered why that street wasn’t renamed in the Purge.