The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


He’s above in Dublin all day away from the kids with his Mrs and he spends most of the day on TFK.
I’d say his marriage is fucked.


Enjoy Ed Sheeran @backinatracksuit


Sure all music has that target audience, the crowd is a huge mix, Anne Marie is doing a fine set, I’m out for a slash enjoying the pints of Rockshore lager anyway


Everyone to their own mate. However, going on a night away from the kids to Ed sheeran😂


Middle aged men teasing lads about what music is cool. You couldn’t make it up.


‘Middle aged stoner men’


Keeping the missus happy and supping away on a few pints on a sunny day. How bad.


If my taste in music was as bland as yours I’d take that side too.




You look killed out mate, I hired a petrol yoke for the weekend, highly recommended.



Enjoying Ed with the family from the comfort of fold up chairs on Chesterfield avenue. Wonderful camaraderie with local residents about the royal wedding. Hope the traffic guard cleaved accidentally on Auburn Avenue is ok.


Favourite genre of music

“Their early stuff”




Thanks for all the good wishes guys, he’s some man for one, incredible use of the loop pedals,
Anyway I led the missus on a tour of a few of the spots recommended here,
Up early this morning through habit and just did a 6.5 k run around the city at a leisurely pace, even thought about entering a 5k road race that I passed by assume you can’t just rock up and hand over the money? There was a couple of Kenyan looking lads clipping along hen they passed me later.

Good spot for brunch fellas, the Gibson is a soulless shithole


San lorenzo’s, Brother Hubbard, platform 61, Farmer brown’s.


If your free and easy for day head into town loads of choices. If you want to shorten the road call to avoca in rathcoole on way out


Robertas or Winding Stair on the quays. Herbstreet in Grand Canal Dock is close enough and you could break avocado toast with @Bandage if he’s not in Wexico for game.


I’m sure @Bandage would enjoy breaking his toast on me but I’ve gone to Brother Hubbard’s, not at all like I remembered when they were on the main road to Galway, being served by a man dressed as Bottler but it looks top class


That poxy race fucked up my morning routine

Are you driving?if so head to Fingal


Why the hell didn’t you tell us ?