The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Head to Noctor’s on Sheriff Street mate, a hidden gem. It’s just down the road from where you are staying.


Ran past it this morning but it was closed unfortunately


Story with this anyone?




Sick sick cunts mate, the worst kind.

Meanwhile… I witnessed people back swimming off Kinvara Quay yesterday evening for the first time in over 30 years :clap:


You didn’t see me pushing my brother into it where we were kids so.


Jaysis its not so long ago the Dubs were roaring on here about taking as much as they could off the exchequer and prioritising Dublin infrastructure development at the expense of the rest of us. And they literally swimming in their own shit.

They really do need to get their house in order.


a separate temporary restriction has also been placed at Garryvoe beach in Cork due to a suspected sewage discharge


The sewage discharge is from dublin i believe


Why had they stopped? Sewage?


I’d say it’s a leak of shite from cloyne & ballymaloo


When they are laying that pipe to take drinking wather from the Shannon up to Dublin can’t they lay a second pipe and send their shit back at the same time.


Any fella here be able to advise me where to park the car on Friday morning next closest to the Gresham Hotel?
I’ve literally no idea.

Only topic on Dublin with any relevance I could find!


Where you driving from.

Getting to the Gresham by car in morning may be tricky.

Do you need car or could you park further out and get a Luas


Sorry @FlakeAway i don’t mean to piggyback.
We’re going to Taylor Swift on Friday, bringing 4 kids, staying in a hotel in Tallaght (don’t ask), I’d rather drive than get the LUAS for afterwards, what would be the best option? M50 to out by the Airport and back in? Would it be handy to park in Glasnevin or somewhere similar before 6 on Friday with the concert on? Any suggestions?



Gotta be there for 11.30. Preferably have the car with me.


Clery’s Car Park. Entrance on Sean Mac Dermott street. Couldn’t be nearer and it’s easy enough to get in and out of. Come down the quay turn left at liberty hall. Go under the railway bridge in the left lane and take a left at the third set of lights after the bridge (counting the lights at the bridge)


Thank you my man, that’s where i’ll be going. Cheers.:+1:


Get the M50 to the port tunnel. Come in the port tunnel. Take a right turn just before the point. Drive until you see a railway bridge overhead. Turn left at the lights before that railway bridge. Go to the end of that street take a right and a quick left and there’s a multi story about 100 yards ahead of you on your left that’s about 20 minutes walk to Croker and as safe as houses. Go back home the same way.


There’s a car park on Cathal Brugha street behind it. Be warned Patsy Hutch lives within 30 yards of it so there is a fair chance you might get a Kinahan cap in yo ass.