The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


What’s the name of that car park so I can put it in the satnav thingy


It used be Jury’s Car Park ,but Jury’s is now the Hilton Garden. It’s on Commons Street. Commons Street looks like this.


RIP @backinatracksuit


Your car park looks like this. In fact very likely to be numerous guards in the area. It’s the most heavily policed corner in Dublin.


Just park somewhere around Fairview and give one of the lads a fiver to look after it.


Park Rite IFSC Car Park.

Sure you might even see the famed IFSC Brigade doing a few manoeuvres.


That’ll teach them to complain about the attic


Be just my fuckin luck.


I tried that once. It was burned to the axles (albeit I got drunk and left it overnight)


I’m taking you at your word here, this is a safe spot to walk to after 11 with small kids?


Safer than tallaght


Nope. If you are parking in Cathal Burgha car park best off not going there after dark. Junkie central.

Why not park in temple bar car park? Never any problems parking there. 5 minute stroll over O’Connell bridge for the luas


Two women and four kids would be a soft target alright.


I would consider it to be very safe. It’s in the heart of the ifsc and much of the concert traffic will be walking most of that way after the gig.


Thanks for that


Where is he getting the luas to?


Thought the concert was on in the Point?


You are some cunt.


Ah for jaysus sake.


He almost killed a poor family with his recklessness.