The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Is Taylor Swift not on in the 3 arena or whatever its called?


Croke Park


You absolute bastard of a man.


Dig up


May the Lord have mercy on your soul


Taylor Swift is playing in Croke Park. Fuck off. Then why is he looking to park near the Gresham?


All roasters collect tickets in the Gresham .


I cant get over Taylor Swift is playing in Croke Park. Fuck sake, I’d thought she would barely sell out the 3 arena


I heard on the radio shes the first solo female artist to sell out Croke Park twice


Think you’ve crossed wires, pal. He’s heading to something in The Point so is parking in Clery’s Car Park.



What about Ed Sheeran?


FFS you can’t fleece 40k kids without fleecing 40k parents as well.


75 each…



Garth Brooks sold Croker out 5 times a few years back . Nothing shocks me after that .


She has sold out the first night and the second night is half sold. That’s 120,000 tickets sold.


He only sold it out once though.Most cunts bought several tickets for different nights.Stupid cunts.


Yeah,the teacher is going to spend the best part of 1k for the privilege


When we were in college, we put up an ad on done deal after the tickets were sold out. We put on of the lads phone number on it. His phone was hopping like it had an epileptic fit. He had to turn it off for the rest of the day and he turned it back on during the night when he thoughts things would have got quiet :joy:


Ye are gas .