The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Twas either that or watch Tipping point tbf


So people attended all five concerts ??


What’s your point here mate?


I know people that had tickets bought for the first 3 nights,don’t think the other ones ever went on sale?


Don’t be so touchy,I’m sure you’ll have a great time.No doubt you’ll be filling us in over the weekend about it.


But what were you getting at with the pissy comment?


You seem a bit tech this evening


I’m wondering why you used a profession instead of my username, what point was that trying to make?


:grinning: Don’t be so


You’ve nothing to add, that’s a pity.


Don’t be so


Wtf, lads?

60 odd posts of parking directions, was there no shooting?


There will be once @tazdedub lures a woman and her young family to their death later this week.


Another parking question (cc @Fagan_ODowd)

My life partner and I are heading to a show at the Point Depot on Friday night. The idea of paying for parking, particularly in the evening, is something I’d usually vehemently be against. It’s the Tipp roaster in me.

However, I see I can prebuy a parking ticket from Ticketmaster for €12 for the Point Village car park, which allows me access from 6pm.

Should I take this option or are there better locally? With Taylor Swift on, would there be a lack of on-street options for parking? The life partner doesn’t fancy walking a long distance at the moment


Save yourself the €12 and go over to Ringsend. You can park around Bath Street for free. I lived there for a while and it seems fairly safe. There’s a lovely pub, the Oarsman on the way over to the 3 Arean as well. And a lovely Eyetalan chipper up the road from Bath St too.


I was in that car park once and once only for a show and it took forever to get out of it afterwards. On street parking in the general vicinity is not in huge supply. If you park on street you will have a minimum 10 minute walk. Possibly longer. And some of the areas are sketchy enough. I would suggest the Park Rite Ifsc car park that I suggested to back in a track suit yesterday and either walk or take the LUAS to the 3 arena. That would be about a 15 minute walk.


You might also get a spot around Pearse St, on the way down towards Grand Canal Dock. I parked there once for a gig, twas ok, near the Padraig Pearse bar. Don’t go into that bar.

You can walk over to the gig, or get a cab, or a rickshaw and spliff.


Definitely an option but I wouldn’t be confident there’d be a huge amount of spaces the night of a show?


@Fagan_ODowd 's knowledge of dark streets, carparks and alleyways is paying dividends on this thread.


He’s clearly on a retainer from the operator of the Park Rite IFSC car park.

“I’m going to Dublin Zoo with my family. Where’s best to park?”

“I recommend the Park Rite IFSC car park.”