The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Thanks chaps


park the back of east wall


There’s a road that runs parallel to the road leading to East Link bridge. It means driving a bit back on yourself but it’s relatively safe and a short walk over the East Link.


you’d be surprised. I’ve managed to park there and Pearse st a few times, both on Friday nights as well. It’s almost an eye of the storm job. You’d expect not to get the spot, but it would be there.


@Fagan_ODowd - I wont be going to Dublin any time soon.



What is it you hate most about the place?


It makes my skin crawl.


So are you from “down the country” ….




He doesn’t have the wherewithal or the cop on to survive in a mid sized city. He’d be eaten alive.


Spot on


Ah lovely.


thought you could get a little jab in unnoticed? you little worm… i’ve conquered far bigger cities than Dublin, little man.


You’ve conquered nuthin.


How are you bud? Any hols planned this year?


Going to a wedding in Italy in September, bro but planning a wee trip around northern Spain in August. All dependent on getting the all clear from the surgeon. What about yourself? Any plans?




Italy in late August, bro. Lake Garda…


Hoo Hoo is now a Boo Hoo.


Nice. Tis well for you, kid.