The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Is it @Juhniallio that is a big fan of the midnight skinny dips?





Nothing untoward going on guard. Just we forgot our towels so we were huddling together in the sand dune to stay warm and loookit it must have just ended up in there somehow


Explaining :thinking::thinking:


Lads falling over themselves to imagine me naked.
And all from Munster. Speaks for itself.


From Cork pal.


Dollymount. Ireland’s first park and ride.


I have a story along these lines.


When I was in Shanghai last summer I made friends with a Canadian lad doing a world tour. He came to Dublin this summer and I met up with him and took him to a concert. He was telling me he had been staying in a hostel the past week but had to leave it for the weekend because the prices went up so high on Saturday and Sunday. As far as I could tell he basically slept rough for a night.

He says that one Saturday night he didn’t know where to go so he wandered to Christ Church. He sat down on a public bench that was surrounded by some bushes. I think he means around the back of the Dublin County Council offices but I’m not sure exactly. It was around pub closing time. He says that as he sat there for about 30 minutes a string of men wandered up very close to him amongst the bushes, rode each other or else sucked each other off and then went home again. A man would stand waiting in the bushes near the bench. A stranger would approach him, either ride him in the ass or else blow him and then once he got rode he would wander off. The rider would then wait for another man to come an ride him and it would work like a conveyor belt. This would happen right in front of him, about 3 or 4 times in a row, and none of them gave a shit that he would see them. He said the cycle was broken when one of the men, instead of performing a sex act did a shit on the ground right in front of my Canadian mate and then wandered off.

My Canadian mate was a cool chilled guy and completely straight. I have no reason to think he was lying. He thinks the men were “straight men who have sex with men” types. We mocked and laughed at that type of lad. Basically he knew more about Dublin after being there for one night than I knew after being there for years.


The strangest part of that story is that he couldn’t afford a hostel for two nights whilst travelling the world.


So you met a foreigner, brought him to a concert, rode him and then let him sleep on a park bench? You’re some cunt.


That’s a lovely story, shame absolutely none of it happened.


Of all the places a cool chilled homeless penniless guy should find himself. I think he was just explaining terms of business. The ‘shit’ was obviously metaphorical.
No such thing as a free ride tank.


Methinks you protest too much


I only do it in hotel rooms or wrap around penthouses in the GCD area.


ye id belive that, that type of rancid behaviour is happening left right and centre around the city at night.
fucking disgusting bastards what they do to each other


A “friend”.


“Operation Irene”


Bizarre scenes in Cabra today…


People are worse looking at it. If Everyone just gave him no attention he’d might come down, or fall down either way its be a result.