The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Some poor misfortune clearly suffering with mental health issues and people broadcasting it and calling it “deadly buzz”. Did we learn nothing from that poor girl that committed suicide a year or two ago? For shame.


The guys brother was murdered recently, must have hit him hard


They should have just got a sniper to take him out.


Bomb scare in Whitehall. Folks asked to leave their homes.

Homes evacuated as Army bomb squad deal with incident in Dublin


Hostage situation in Clondalkin I’m hearing…




God bless the Gardai


According the Whatsapp there was a media black out due to the fact he had his mother and sister held hostage and threatened to shoot them if the Gardaí got near.


Yet they still got it and took down the perp. Unreal.


those ERU boys don’t fuck around.


Convicted rapist arrested after day-long armed stand-off at Dublin estate


Thats one fella who won’t be posting here again for a while.




Nearly a bit of Dúnmharú ar an Dart


I was in a Spar just there in the South Inner City. I have been in there on numerous occasions. The staff are very helpful and friendly and come from a mixture of Irish, Pakistan and Eastern Europe.

Today when I went in there was a volley of abuse being thrown at staff by a local. The ‘P’ word was mentioned on numerous occasions. It was difficult to decipher exactly what was going on but it appeared that the local, and his pyjama dressed lady friend, were being accused of breaking the glass of the door in the front of the shop which I noticed to be shattered. After much abuse and threats of violence the local left the store only to return to say that he was reporting the manager for ‘looking at me daughter’s arse and she’s only eleven’ (he subsequently said his daughter was a baby and accused the manager of being a pervert looking at her nappy).It was unclear whether these allegations were true or not.




I love the heavily edited pics you see on Istagram of Dublin. “Doors of Dublin”. “Wow, O’Connell St is looking great”. Yeah right. Get ta fuck…