The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country




Meanwhile in Kerry a lad impaled his neighbour with a Forklift spike in a row over a crow banger.


Meanwhile in Dublin, rival gangs are murdering each other across the city.


Shocking :smile:


This one time, at band camp…


Literally… fucking wasters.


You’d get a much better street brawl on the mainland.


Please tell me that didn’t really “leave Dublin City centre on lock down”


They closed down the city centre for that? Fuck sake. If the guards ever fucking patrolled the quays and moved the vermin on from the boardwalk so people could use it again then shit like this wouldn’t happen.


it says the chap was stabbed? Was this a mugging? The article isn’t very enlightening at all.


A certain very loud section of the population would go ape if AGS enforced public order offenses.


The tinkers?


The “do gooders”.

There is also an element that AGS know that people do not want the shitstains spreading to the suburbs so keep it in the city centre. Nobody cares about inner city Dublin.


The Guards themselves?


What number bus brings you to the national sports arena from Heuston Station?






To Coppers?


Get the Luas to Connolly, and then change for the Dart to Lansdowne Road.


Get off on Abbey Street and walk to Tara Street and get the DART from there would be quicker