The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


Keep it easy for him. He could easily end up in Dublin Port if he did that


It’s near landsdown Rd so?




You aren’t actually relying on lads here for directions are you?


Shit got real


You’d imagine if they just spoke to each other there would be no need to throw the whole bike.


There’s a 5 minute video that I cant upload due to size, but I think talking was gone well out the window at that point. The Deliveroo boys were done with the knackers and had decided that shit was gonna go down.


Go again, bro.


The Deliveroo boys wanted to put manners on the filthy knackers and it all kicked off, propa nawty like.

#911 is your friend in this case. Upload it there and post link here



Fuck sake there was hardly a slap thrown




ladybird that out there. It looks like a gang of delivery cyclists attacked a few scobies?



I thought the vandals were kicked into tOuch about 1500 years ago. TNH


Fuck sake the cunts robbed an internal steel door as well…Sounds like it wasnt just kids acting the cunt…


Despicable scrotes


Had to be ISIL. I mean a crusader was decapitated…


They should be decapitated the langers