The Shame I feel about Dublin as the Capital of my country


When you’ve lost all your money on Cheltenham but still need to go to work


The lost art of scutting


Probably trying to track him down for his fare.


We used to do it in the snow.


That lad should sue Dublin Bus, get a nice little payout from them.

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Dunphy was right. It’s still a kip.

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It is a kip. Generation upon generation of welfare scrotes and scum out causing trouble all of the time. Families with people who haven’t worked a day in their lives but are facilitated by the state. It’s an inevitability of our social welfare system and pathetic criminal justice system.


That’s a top top post pal


Fucking gobshite.

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What an utter gobshite


What a horrible place. Abandoned vehicles, bags of rubbish and bootcut jeans with black shoes.


Yeah he just stepped off the train from Limerick. :slight_smile:

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Fairly seedy,as are parts of my own town( tourists kept well away from knocknaheeny,the Glen, Mayfield,etc)


The limerick train terminates at Heuston Station . That is outside Connolly


He got the Luas down to Connolly. :slight_smile:

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He couldn’t pass the hipster attractions of Smithfield .

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What happened?


Be careful out there Dub dwellers…

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