The Simpsons - the movie

Legend, now I wont have to bother going to the cinema tomorrow

How long dya reckon it waill take for this to be taken off google video?

I’d say a day or so. Depends on how interested they are in chasing these links down. It’s on bit torrent now so to an extent the damage is done.

The greatest moment in the distinguished history of

It’s meant to be shite though

I’ve heard mixed reviews of it. Not expecting too much but I’ll give it a watch this evening I reckon.

Well done rock, u just saved me 10, just watched the whole movie there, I’d only give it 2 *'s!

I enjoyed that - some good lines

Three stars for me

I never got around to watching this so Im going tonight to see it, Im getting very mixed reviews about it though.

Seems like it’s gone off the google movies now.

I went to see this last night and was thoroughly disappointed with it. I’d give it a generous 5/10. With all of the different writers involved the film lacked consistency, and I could tell where different writers were involved.