The Smashing Tunes Thread (Part 2)

A lovely bump by @Alphakrul1 earlier

Lovely memories of being squashed into a small bed in Hazel Park in the late 90s with a young wan and listening to this album on repeat till the birds started singing.

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Iconic. 1997.

What a fucking time to be alive that was.

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We briefly touched God’s hem that summer.

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Nice story mate but you could have been listening to something better.


The best b-side remix of a single that I can think of.

Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave (Whistling Guitar Mix)

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I love the Leftfield remix that was the the Xmas Dust up tape given away free with the NME IN December 1994.

Useless fact: Sky Sports used this as backing music on their coverage of the 2010/11 Ashes tour.

That actual mix?

Because there are other mixes that sound very like it.

My brother recorded that single (which the Leftfield remix may be on) on a blank tape around that time.

Haven’t a clue where he got the original from. He had his ways.

Frank Black’s Teenager of the Year took up the rest of the tape.

The Sixpence none the richer song reminds me of this, which I only heard for the first time in years up to last week.

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Free tapes with music mags or papers (NME, MM) were a fantastic way to find new music back in the day.

Select magazine had some absolute classics


George Michael - Fast Love