The Smashing Tunes Thread

Anything by The Smashing Pumpkins. Smashing.

Modest Mouse, Float on



Nice one SS**.

Anything from the album Smash by The Offspring. Smashing.

A Madchester* medly.


eature=related"]YouTube - Happy Mondays “Step On”[/ame]


eature=related"]YouTube - The Charlatans - The Only One I Know[/ame]

*Not all bands featured are from Manchester.

a few serious tunes to get you fired up before a match:

listen to then three before a match and they will have you pumped up…works for me anyway…

a couple of decent ocean colour scene tunes

fucking sickened farmer won’t let me put up paul brady…I suppose you can’t account for taste

Couldn’t leave out Mr. Peel’s epitath.


eature=related"]YouTube - The Undertones-Teenage Kicks[/ame]

Speaking of the great Mr Peel - here’s his favourite band ever.

The Fall - I’m Frank

Therapy? Possibly the whole troublegum album, but here’s two.


eature=related"]YouTube - Therapy? - Screamager live 1996[/ame]

Staying vaguely northern, The Petrols…


eature=related"]YouTube - That Petrol Emotion. Sensitize[/ame]

Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of half of these songs or bands?


Some great Irish songs:

Cliffs of Dooneen - Planxty


eature=related"]YouTube - Planxty - Cliffs of Dooneen (2004)[/ame]

The Star of the County Down - The Pogues

The Foggy Dew (goosepimples hearing those opening bars from Luke)

Fields of Athenry - Paddy Reilly

Whiskey on a Sunday - Danny Doyle

Rock on Rockall - Wolfe Tones

yet again more double standards farmer…you post up planxty yet you won’t let me put up paul brady…your a walking contradiction