The Smashing Tunes Thread




The Commodores - Easy (like Sunday morning)






I’ve had this on repeat most of the morning.


Ya Bastard


Same here. Their new album will have a tough row to hoe in following Lost in the Dream. I don’t think I’ve listened to a psychedelic rock record as much since Down on the Upside.


Have them playing away on the Youtube all morning.

One of the few modern bands producing the goods.


And that’s because their sound is rooted in the 70s and 80s. But you’re right. They’re head and shoulders above the dross.


Yeah, there’s a nice Americana/Alt-country feel to them at times also.


The Album leaf are outstanding. As far as I know they are all classically trained musicians. This one I heard used in a documentary. I should listen to them more often, it might calm me down a bit. :slight_smile:



The Congos - Fisherman


Yes but they have a superb drummer as well who can do the motorik patterns as well which gives the tunes a great dynamic


That’s a very good point. A dynamic and innovative drummer is a prerequisite for psychedelic-type rock. From Jim McCarty right up to Matt Cameron (especially his Wellwater Conspiracy work), there are several fine examples.


Rory Gallagher - Crest of a Wave


Beefheart - Zig Zag Wanderer


Pere Ubu - Laughing


Inspired by the gigs coming up thread, a really interesting version of this song I hadn’t seen before, each line performed in a different location.

Fionn Regan- be good or be gone


Unreal. Just unreal.