The Smashing Tunes Thread


Come right out and say what you want to say mate?


Holding back the years was a super song




Gun to the head. The greatest song of all time?


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - BBF3



And this





Sparklehorse - Hammering in the Cramps


Or may it is this.

Slint - Glenn



It was playing upstairs in The Nags Head as rodney and cassandra were heading off on honeymoon after their wedding,emotional stuff.



Superb show, superb song.


I’ve just watched the 1999 Luke Kelly documentary.

Incredible voice. Scorn not his simplicity is a beautiful but haunting song - didn’t realise it was written by Coulter.

Surprised to learn he was only 44 when he died.

I was searching for ‘A song for Ireland’ when I came across the programme. It was the last song he recorded in studio.


Listening to them a good bit recently, Music for the gilted generation is a fantastic album, Break and Enter or Full Throttle being amongst my favourites


I’ll ignore the simply red thing but a great soundtrack to go to sleep to is moon safari by air. Was my chill out to sleep back in my clubbing days


REM - The Great Beyond

Neil Young - The Great Divide



The Knife: Heartbeats