The Smashing Tunes Thread


The beautiful Karen O


Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Zero


A hugely underrated band Yeah x 3’s, I have a deep affection for Karen O.


Not as deep as mine mate


Free: Mr Big, 1970.

Paul Kossoff (> Page, Beck and Clapton) with an emotional restrained solo introducing one of the greatest bass performances in rock history, RIP Andy Frazer, passed away a few years ago. 17 in this recording.


Played a great show in Limerick in 2002. Think it was €4 or €5 in.



Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Louisiana Rain

What follows the bizarre little intro is one of the best songs Petty ever wrote. Simply stunning.




Guns ‘N’ Roses - Civil War


I can’t find the album version so this will have to do.

Tricky - Abbaon Fat Tracks


Going to see these bad boys in the Barrowlands in November, anybody want some counterfeit goods while I’m over?


I’m going to see them in Manchester in November.


One of the greatest songs of all time.


Arcade Fire - Everything Now

Co-produced by Thomas Bangalter

I like it a lot.


I remember this being released as a single. 17 years :eek:

It was one of those ‘holy shit’ moments for me.

A big sprawling electronic masterpiece, that is as catchy as any song ever. Genius.

Daft Punk - One More Time


A grower for sure.


Just acquired the newly remixed Sgt Peppers, with the extra disk. Waiting for the discs to come tomorrow, But listening to the download on average resolution, sounds like it has enormous potential. The album isn’t in my top 3 Beatles albums but this is a game changer. First time stereo has been mixed properly and the result is stunning. Extra disk has alternate takes, instrumentals and same treatment remixes of SFF and PL.

An interesting exercise for Beatles fans is to overrule George Martin and include SFF and PL, which means you have to drop 2 existing tracks. Then get the running order right.


Kevin Coyne - House on the Hill

Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies



Del Shannon - Runaway