The Smashing Tunes Thread


That’s a smashing album. Against the wind and The fire inside are two of my favourite ever songs.




One of the best debut albums there is.

Tinderstcks - Raindrops


You decided to surface…


This piece, composed by Richard Blair-Oliphant and played by the BBC Orchestra, replaced the long-running “Arthur” theme for the 2010 election and has been used for all subsequent BBC election coverage. At first I didn’t particularly like it because of what it was replacing. However it’s really grown on me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for the last few days. It has all the gravitas and drama necessary for election nights. In an era where television has shamefully abandoned the concept of great theme music, this is a very welcome modern addition.

BBC election theme 2010 to present


M|A|R|R|S - Pump Up The Volume


Not sure if this is quite ‘smashing’ but I like it so I’ll post it here.

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks


Came on a playlist today, probably my favourite oasis song, Liam’s voice at its best. The chorus line ‘while we’re living, the dreams we have as children fade away’ meant something when I was 21, it’s kinda weird listening to it at 41.
Oasis - Fade away


As fine of a song as you are likely to hear.

The Rip - Portishead


Thats a fantastic line.


Lived in a bubble, days were never ending, we weren’t concerned about what life was sending.
Good lyrics alright.


How to fight loneliness?

Smile all the time.




Feels Like I’m In Love - Kelly Marie


Norah Jones does a strangely compelling tribute to Chris Cornell


The Shins - New Slang


Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Highway


Making a Spotify playlist of songs from this thread that I’m not familiar with, mixed results so far but I’ve heard some real quality.
The mountain goats are great @Turenne