The Smashing Tunes Thread


Really? I think they are bang average with a scattering of good tunes.


Biats like his fellow Corkie @Turenne has some pretty oddball music tastes, dodgy enough at times. Has been called out a few times here.


What Mountain Goats albums have you listened to @labane1917 and @ChocolateMice?


Mostly individual songs from AHWT, Tallahassee, and The Sunset Tree. Look, there’s no questioning Darnielle’s brilliance as a songwriter, but I tire of him after a while. Among the great American songwriters of that rough genre, Joe Henry is my favorite, I could listen to him all night.


Joe Henry: This Close to You


TV On the Radio - Wolf Like Me (on Letterman)


And while we’re at it
Wilco - Art of Almost (on Letterman)


Joe Henry: Richard Pryor addresses a Tearful Nation (with Ornette Coleman)


Haven’t heard of this chap Labane, in work atm so can’t listen to it, I’ll revert later.


I’m a big Wilco fan, but when I’m in the mood for some Americana, Son Volt, who were the other offshoot from Uncle Tupelo, are hard bet. The bass player and pedal steel player are from the Joe Henry band in This Close to You.


My favorite Wilco song, Radio Cure from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. RIP Jay Bennett, musician and producer extraordinaire.


I’ll put joe Henry on the list @labane1917
Maybe I was a bit presumptuous on the Mountain Goats, I’ve only listened to a few songs but they’ve all been excellent.


Good call.

Isn’t he related to Madonna in some way?


A crack on the head is what you get for not asking.
And a crack on the head is what you get for ASKING!


I could listen to this all day.

Tim Hardin - Black Sheep Boy


Scott Walker - Angelica


I always liked it. Got the record signed with my big brother in HMV back in the day.

An Emotional Fish - Celebrate


He’s married to her sister. Has kept it fairly low key but think he wrote a song for her at some point.