The Smashing Tunes Thread



@cluaindiuic This is Kendrick Lamar’s best track afaic.




This album gets bad reviews in nearly every music publication there is.

I can’t understand it myself. Sure it is heavily influenced by Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine to the point of nearly ripping them off in some instances, but that’s not a bad thing.

Whipping Boy - Astronaut Blues (from Submarine)


I’ve recently become a Nick Mulvey fan. Such a smashing tune and a very handsome man.


I may not listen to the Smiths for a while but then that is all I want to listen to for a long time.

This is the second song they ever recorded. Morrissey and Marr had only recently met.

‘Let’s write a song about the Moors Murders!!’

Who does that?!!


The Strokes - The Modern Age


Coldplay - Don’t Panic


Mary Black - No Frontiers


Ok ok the joke is over. Has @iron_mike hacked @farmerinthecity account. That’s three artists in a row I’v heard of. Unprecedented


No no.
I was never a coldplay or strokes fan.
Carry on


London Grammar - Rooting For You


Awful shite


This is 10/10 from start to finish. UNREAL.


The Gloaming


What you want is Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill by themselves away from the other shapers.


I didn’t ask for a review of the band, mate - I posted a particular tune that very much fits the thread title - it’s smashing.


I’d have to agree. Seen Hayes and Cahill together and it’s great stuff. Also saw that other fiddle fella Caoimhain O’Rhallaigh (sic) and enjoyed it. But I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by what I’ve heard from the Gloaming. It’s trad music for hipsters.

Give them a Bothy Band album instead

Edit: that’s a good tune that @ChocolateMice posted in fairness. Keep that cork weirdo iarla away and they’d be fine


It’s clear Farmer didn’t listen to it, the prick.

While i’m on - I love this version of Danny Boy from the Pogues -


THIS is my favourite Pogues song