The Smashing Tunes Thread


Not as bad as Thomas ‘Doveman’ Bartlett. The word shaper was invented for that clown.


While Ray (Lynam) and Philomena (Begley) sang of My Elusive Dreams.


So your main gripe is with one gee bag on piano? I like a few of their tunes, not necessarily the group - The one I posted is a cracking tune.


Relax mate.


I’ll rip your nose clean off - You gave me a rolls eyes smiley - Cunt.


Hup. Not even the Tammy Wynette version!


My favourite song, full stop


It’s UNRALE. Some days I stick it on in the car and sing it very loud


Pair of Brown Eyes (MacGowan, Shane)

So many more where that came from as well.


Cream - White Room


Eleanor Mcevoy - Precious little


Lovely song, haven’t heard that in ages.


An early gem from America’s finest band…

Spoon: Everything Hits at Once.


Dave Matthews band - two step


Hans Zimmer Supermarine from Dunkirk



First TV appearance - The Cure


Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine


FFS sake. The song is called “A Forest”, not “First TV Appearance”.


Lol Tolhurst is in Dolans this Friday, seems to be a Q&A with a tribute band gig afterwards.