The Smashing Tunes Thread


Helmet- unsung


An oldie but a goldie


Pixies - What Goes Boom


An absolutely brilliant song from an Irish band that just disappeared off the face of the planet. Was out c 1995 id guess


They were catapulted to popularity by Donal Dineen, Katell Keineg was another favourite of his on no disco,

I know Paul Brady isn’t popular on this thread but John Creedon is playing this smashing tune right now

Arthur McBride


Girl Talk - Triple Double

Lovely mash up of Ludacris, Joe Jackson, Neil Diamond, Devo, Ice Cube and the Rolling Stones.


U2 - Wire - Kervorkian Remix


This bloke is a techno genius.

Dominik Eulberg - Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen


A gem by the druid.

Julian Cope - Cheap New Age Fix


Bowie: absolute beginners


New Order - Love Vigilantes


Have been investigating some bew (maybe not new to some) music recently, or goibg back to music i kinda parked. Critique and abuse away. Or maybe even find stuff i missed by these guys or similar.

Bate into these guys recently. Heard them a bit in Oz but kinda left them behind.

I fucking love this guy(lead singer). Saw him on Jools Holland and was blown away. 80’s pop mixed with god knows what. Outstanding.

Maybe very mainstream but again i skipped them, what a vouce this bird has.

My 28 year old introduced me to this. Think i was being warned :joy: Head loads of J&A but not this.

Great voice and writer. Probably a bit hipster in ways, but i like him.

Again probably mainstream, but a recent listen for me

Not new either, and they probably have better but everyone knows them. This is class though


The War on Drugs album that Red Eyes from is a cracker Kev.

Was listening to this gem today…

Eddie Floyd - Knock on Wood


I know a lad who was going to play the future islands video to his underage team to illustrate what he meant by leaving everything out on the pitch😎


I was turned into these guys by a tune that @Turenne dropped in here a while back, I’ve been listening to them quite a bit recently and I think they are unbelievable, a few lads here expressed serious reservations but i think they’re great,
Smashing tune here which will speak to the lads who never grew up and watched wrestling into adulthood, not one of their best but a great story song

The mountain goats- the legend of Chavo Guerrero


If I was your girlfriend- Prince


Listened to that WOD album on way to beach earlier. Fucking awesome


I hear a big Tom Petty influence there. If you haven’t listened to it before, do yourself a favour and check out Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ ‘Damn the Torpedoes’.


Lustened to it. Tbh not my type of old 70’s rock/pop.

But i do get what you mean about the tones of it.


Chill out type. But great tune none the less.